Response to Rita Miraglia’s Did I Hear That Right? One Anthropologist’s Reaction to Colleague’s Testimony in a Court Case Involving Alaska Native Aboriginal Hunting and Fishing Rights on the Outer Continental Shelf


  • Christopher B. Wooley


I appreciate Rita Miraglia’s interest in my work. I value informed discourse,recognize the need to contextualize certain aspects of anthropologicalresearch, and want to take the opportunity to respond to her criticism.

Rita Miraglia’s self-appointed advocacy for the plaintiffs in this casemisrepresents my carefully crafted expert witness report and sworn testimony,the testimony of other witnesses (plaintiffs included), the basic facts of thecase, and the cultural history of the entire Alutiiq region. This case isstill in the appeals process, and I am bound by agreements that do not allow meto discuss the case in detail. My expert report and testimony, however, speakfor themselves.

RitaMiraglia falsely claims that I distort and challenge Chugach identity. I hadthe unique opportunity to provide information to the court through the gruelingexpert witness process when asked to do so to rebut plaintiff’s claims of actual,continuous and exclusive use and occupancy of the entire GULF OF ALASKA fromKayak Island to Kamishak Bay by a single entity.

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Christopher B. Wooley