An Appeal from Brazil: Union of Peoples of the Vale Do Javarí Representative Speaks out

Beto Marubo*

Republished from Cultural Survival, October 31, 2018,

Dear Partners,

I’m sharing with you news from Brazil that, starting this year, will become the norm in the Brazilian Amazon. As an Indigenous person from the Vale do Javari, the second biggest Indigenous territory in Brazil and the home of the largest number of people in voluntary isolation, I’m coming forward to express my concern to each one of you about the vulnerability of my isolated relatives, who depend on the federal government for their protection. The government’s legal responsibility for them is clear and indisputable.

Our outlook now is that all the systems that protect our forests, our mother earth, are likely to be undermined in favor of agribusiness, mining, loggers, etc…Given this context, we need each one of you to help us spread the word about this situation to all corners of the world, especially to those actors in global markets who contribute to situation in Brazil. We need to join forces to confront these threats. I say this in the name of my people, the Marubo, but also of the Matis, Kanamary, Kulina, Mayoruna, Korubo and so many other Indigenous relatives who may not currently, or ever, have the same opportunity I do to express themselves. I’m depending on the support of each and every one of you.

*Beto Marubo is the Representative of the Union of Peoples of the Vale do Javarí – UNIVAJA, in Brazil.


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