University of Arizona Press listings include: William Nikolakis (Editor), Stephen Cornell (Editor), Harry W. Nelson (Editor), Sophie Pierre (Foreword ),  Reclaiming Indigenous Governance: Reflections and Insights from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States (344 pp. for $35 paper or  Ebook); Thomas R. McGuire (Editor), William B. Lord (Editor), Mary G. Wallace (Editor),  Indian Water in the New West   (241 pp. Ebook - Open Access); Christina Leza, Divided Peoples: Policy, Activism, and Indigenous Identities on the U.S.-Mexico Border (240 pp. for $55 cloth); Joyotpaul Chaudhuri, Urban Indians of Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff (Originally published in 1974, this report offers a snapshot in time of the Native populations of three of Arizona's most populous cities, Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. Download at:; Roberto Cintli Rodríguez, Patrisia Gonzales (Foreword), Yolqui, a Warrior Summoned from the Spirit World: Testimonios on Violence (240 pp. for $29.95 paper or Ebook); Gonzalo Lamana, How “Indians” Think: Colonial Indigenous Intellectuals and the Question of Critical Race Theory (240 pp. for $35 paper or Ebook, $90 cloth); Klara Kelley and Harris Francis A Diné History of Navajoland (344 pp. for $35 paper or Ebook); Robert Henry (Editor), Amanda LaVallee (Editor), Nancy Van Styvendale (Editor), Robert Alexander Innes (Editor),  Global Indigenous Health: Reconciling the Past, Engaging the Present, Animating the Future (352 pp. for $40 paper or Ebook); Jennifer Gómez Menjívar (Editor), Gloria Elizabeth Chacón (Editor), Arturo Arias (Foreword), Indigenous Interfaces: Spaces, Technology, and Social Networks in Mexico and Central America (304 pp. for $35 paper or Ebook); Manuela Lavinas Picq, Vernacular Sovereignties: Indigenous Women Challenging World Politics   (240 pp. for $35 paper or Ebook); R. Aída Hernández Castillo (Editor), Suzi Hutchings (Editor), Brian Noble (Editor); Transcontinental Dialogues: Activist Alliances with Indigenous Peoples of Canada, Mexico, and Australia (280 pp. for $35 paper or Ebook); Diana Negrín, Racial Alterity, Wixarika Youth Activism, and the Right to the Mexican City (240 pp. for $55 cloth); Sarah T Romano, Transforming Rural Water Governance: The Road from Resource Management to Political Activism in Nicaragua (232 pp. for $60 cloth or Ebook), all  from the University of Arizona Press, 355 S. Euclid Ave., Suite 103, Tucson, AZ 85701, phone/fax (800) 426-3797,

Offerings from the University of Hawaii Press include: Sam Low, Hawaiki Rising: Hōkūle‘a, Nainoa Thompson, and the Hawaiian Renaissance (pp. for $29.95 cloth); Moanike‘Ala Akaka, Maxine Kahaulelio, - Terrilee Keko‘Olani-Raymond, And Loretta Ritte, - Edited And With An Introduction by - Noelani Goodyear-Ka‘Ōpua -, Nā Wāhine Koa: Hawaiian Women for Sovereignty and Demilitarization (184 pp. for $18 paper); Semisi Ma‘Ia‘I, Sāmoan Odyssey: A Life Story (386 pp. for $45 cloth); and Edited by Warwick Anderson, Miranda Johnson, and Barbara Brookes, Pacific Futures: Past and Present (352 pages for $78.00 cloth), All, plus $5 first item, $1 each additional, shipping, from University of Hawai’i Press, 1840 Kolawalu St., Honolulu, HI 96822 (808)956-8255,,

Recent offerings from the University of New Mexico Press include: Edited by Heather Law Pezzarossi and Russell N. Sheptak,   Indigenous Persistence in the Colonized Americas : Material and Documentary Perspectives on Entanglement (264 pp. for $75 cloth); edited by Moises Gonzales & Enrique R. Lamadrid, Nación Genízara: Ethnogenesis, Place, and Identity in New Mexico (376 pp. for $65 cloth); and piLar m. Herr ,  Contested Nation: The Mapuche, Bandits, and State Formation in Nineteenth-Century Chile (168 pp. for $65 cloth), all plus $5 for the first item and $1 for each additional, shipping, from the University of New Mexico Press, MSC04 2820, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM 87131-0001 (505)272-7777 or (800)249-7737,, orders via University of New Mexico Press c/o Longleaf Services, Inc. , 116 S Boundary Street Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808, to, (800)848-6224 or (919)966-7449, Fax: 800-272-6817 or 919-962-2704, Email inquiries to customerservice@longleafservices.

University of Nebraska Press offerings include: David Martínez, Life of the Indigenous Mind: Vine Deloria Jr. and the Birth of the Red Power Movement (480 pp. for $75 cloth and Ebook); Robert Bigart and Joseph McDonald, eds., "Sometimes My People Get Mad When the Blackfeet Kill Us:" A Documentary History of the Salish and Pend d’Oreille Indians, 1845–1874 (416 pp. for $26.95); David R. M. Beck, Unfair Labor?: American Indians and the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago (330 pp. for $65 cloth or Ebook); Martha Louise Hipp, Sovereign Schools: How Shoshones and Arapahos Created a High School on the Wind River Reservation (288 pages for $29.95 cloth and Ebook); Adam R. Hodge, Ecology and Ethnogenesis: An Environmental History of the Wind River Shoshones, 1000–1868 (354 pp. for $60.00 cloth and Ebook); Cynthia Leanne Landrum, The Dakota Sioux Experience at Flandreau and Pipestone Indian Schools (312 pp. for $55 cloth and Ebook); and Kevin Kokomoor , Of One Mind and Of One Government: The Rise and Fall of the Creek Nation in the Early Republic (516 pp. for $80.00 cloth or Ebook), all, plus $5 for the first item, $1 for each additional, from University of Nebraska Press, 1111 Lincoln Mall, Lincoln, NE 68588 (800)755-1105,,

Offerings from the University of Oklahoma Pres include: Ada Deer , With Theda Perdue, Foreword by Prof. Charles Wilkinson,   Making a Difference: My Fight for Native Rights and Social Justice (232 pp. for 26.95 cloth); Tadeusz Lewandowski, Red Bird, Red Power: The Life and Legacy of Zitkala-Ša (292 pp. for $29.95 cloth, Bottom of Form

$21.95 Paperback, Bottom of Form

E-Book); Dr. Robert H. Ruby, John A. Brown, Foreword by LaDonna Harris, Introduction by Alan Stay, Jay Miller,   Esther Ross, Stillaguamish Champion (338 pp. for $19.95 Paper, Bottom of Form

$19.95 cloth); Edited by Devon A. Mihesuah, Elizabeth Hoover, Foreword by Winona LaDuke, Indigenous Food Sovereignty in the United States: Restoring Cultural Knowledge, Protecting Environments, and Regaining Health (390 pp. for $29.95 paper ); Sara Wiles, Foreword by Jordan Dresser The Arapaho Way: Continuity and Change on the Wind River Reservation (240 pp. for $34.95 cloth); Richard K. Young, The Ute Indians of Colorado in the Twentieth Century (380 pp. for $21.95 Paper, Bottom of Form

$29.95 cloth); Gary Clayton Anderson Massacre in Minnesota: The Dakota War of 1862, the Most Violent Ethnic Conflict in American History (376 pp. for $32.95 cloth or Bottom of FormE-Book); Edited by Will Bagley, The Whites Want Every Thing: Indian-Mormon Relations, 1847–1877 , Volume 16 In Kingdomt in the West: The Mormons and the American Frontier Series (560 pp. for $55cloth, Bottom of FormE-Book); Edited by Richard W. Starbuck, Records of the Moravians among the Cherokees: Volume Eight: In Their Own Voice—“Power to Remove" (544 pp. for $40 cloth); James Joseph Buss, Winning the West with Words: Language and Conquest in the Lower Great Lakes (344 pp. for $24.95 Paper, $34.95 cloth, E-Book); Theodore Binnema, Common and Contested Ground: A Human and Environmental History of the Northwestern Plains (280 pp. for $19.95 Paper, $29.95 cloth);Translated and edited by Amber Brian, Bradley Benton, Peter B. Villella, Pablo García Loaeza, History of the Chichimeca Nation: Don Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl’s Seventeeth-Century Chronicle of Ancient Mexico (352 pp. for $60 cloth, $29.95 Paper, Ebook); and  Mark Santiago The Jar of Severed Hands: Spanish Deportation of Apache Prisoners of War, 1770–1810 (275 pp. for $21.95 Paper, $29.95 cloth), all, plus $5 for first item, $1.50 for each additional, shipping, from the University of Oklahoma Press, Attn: Order Department, 2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069-8218,

Offerings from the University of Alaska Press include: Annie Boochever and Roy Peratovich, Jr., Fighter in Velvet Gloves: Alaska Civil Rights Hero Elizabeth Peratrovich ("No Natives Allowed,” blared the storefront sign at Elizabeth Peratrovich, then a young Alaska Native Tlingit. The sting of those words would stay with her all her life. Years later, after becoming a seasoned fighter for equality, she would deliver her own powerful message: one that helped change Alaska and the nation forever. 120 pp., for $16.95 Paper); Douglas D. Anderson and Wanni W. Anderson,   Life at Swift Water Place: Northwest Alaska at the Threshold of European Contact (400 pp. for  $45.00), Order from:

Offerings from the University of Kansas Press include: Tai Edwards, Osage Women and Empire: Gender and Power (230 pp. for $24.95 paper, $50 cloth); Richard D. Newton, The RAF and Tribal Control: Airpower and Irregular Warfare between the World Wars (240 pp. for $34.95 cloth and Ebook); Elisabeth M. Eittreim, Teaching Empire: Native Americans, Filipinos, and US Imperial Education, 1879–1918 (352 pp. for $34.95 paper and E-book, $75 cloth); and Stephen Huggins, A merica’s Use of Terror: From Colonial Times to the A-bomb (344 pp. for $39.95 cloth or Ebook), all, plus $5 for first item, $1 for each additional, shipping, from:

Books from University of Minnesota Press include: Staci Lola Drouillard, Walking the Old Road: A People’s History of Chippewa City and the Grand Marais Anishinaabe (272 pp. for $21.95 paper or Ebook); and Lindsay Naylor , Fair Trade Rebels: Coffee Production and Struggles for Autonomy in Chiapas (340 pp. for $27 paper or Ebook, $108 cloth), all plus $6.00 for 1st book, $1.25 each additional book , shipping, from:

Clear Light Books has numerous Indigenous publications, but as they are not dated in the catalogue we cannot tell which are new to list here. Books from Clear light are all plus $4.00 first item, $.50 for each additional, from Clear Light Books,

Publications from the University of Chicago Press encompass: Edited By Jo-Ann Archibald, Jenny Bol Jun Lee-Morgan, And Jason De Santolo, Foreword by Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Decolonizing Research: Indigenous Storywork As Methodology (256 pp., Distributed For Zed Books); and Les Beldo, Contesting Leviathan: Activists, Hunters, And State Power In The Makah Whaling Conflict ($30 paper andEbook, $90 cloth), all from the University of Chicago Press:

Books from University of Pennsylvania Press include: Anna Hedlund, Hutu Rebels: Exile Warriors in the Eastern Congo (264 pages for $75 cloth), all plus $5 first item, $2 each additional, from University of Pennsylvania Press,

Laurence Armand French, Routledge Handbook on Native American Justice Issues ( The volume covers the history and origins of Indian Country in America; continuing controversies regarding treaties; unique issues surrounding tribal law enforcement; the operation of tribal courts and corrections, including the influence of Indigenous restorative justice practices; the impact of native religions and customs; youth justice issues, including educational practices and gaps; women’s justice issues; and special circumstances surrounding healthcare for Indians, including the role substance abuse plays in contributing to criminal justice problems) is 276 pp. for $240 cloth, from $26.98 Ebook, from Routledge,

David Truer, The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee" Native America from 1890 to the Present , is 528 pp. for $28 cloth, published by Riverhead Books, available at:

Tommy Orange (Cheyenne and Arapaho), There There is a novel opening with an essay by Orange as a prologue, and proceeding to follow a large group of Native Americans living in the area of Oakland, California, as they struggle with a wide array of challenges ranging from depression and alcoholism, to unemployment, fetal alcohol syndrome, and the challenges of living with an ethnic identity of being "ambiguously nonwhite." It is published by Alfred Knopf, and is $25.95 cloth.

Rematriation Magazin e provides A safe, online space for Indigenous women's voices, at:

Native American and Indigenous Studies journal is published twice annually and is available at JSTOR (

The April 22-29, 2019 issue of Sports Illustrated -it contains a Native American sports article-part history, part current.

The video, A Message From the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was produced by The Intercept's Naomi Klein, narrated by Ocasio-Cortez, is a short film presented as a look back to the present day from a future in which the Green New Deal passed Congress and reshaped America and the planet for the better. "It is available at:


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